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Approx Size: 1.4 kg

Rib Roast (Two Rib)


If you are wanting to make an impression or treat someone special, the AngusPure Rib Roast will put a smile on the face of the most discerning beef connoisseur.


  • All products derive from an Angus New Zealand registered or performance recorded sire.
  • AngusPure adheres to the New Zealand Beef & Lamb Quality Mark standards.
  • Full traceability throughout the supply chain with AngusPure Source & Trace ear tags.
  • No hormone growth promotants, ever.
  • No antibiotics.
  • Only heifers or steers.
  • Stictly grass fed and finished.
  • Processed at an approved plant.
  • Low PH levels.
  • Aged for a minimum of 21 days.