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33 Sale Street
Freemans Bay
+64 9 358 1702
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The beautiful restaurant once only a concrete frame and block work warehouse, has been reinterpreted to showcase how a marriage of materials comes together to create one harmonious restaurant and bar space. The curvaceous forms, luxurious fabrics and fine textures complete the design and create a space that is sophisticated, sleek and elegant. Design elements complement each other without the need to conceal. The space and materials communicate this to each other and complete the design without overpowering one or the other. All design elements come together evoking a feeling of belongingness while providing intimacy within a magnificent interior.

Numerous awards over the past six years have sung the praises of Clooney and their consistency to outstanding cuisine, service, wine and the dining experience.

The food, like the design is classic yet undeniably modern. Chef Harris’ cuisine melds the tradition of classical with a contempory approach to ingredients and technique, used to stimulate the palate and the memory rather than confuse the mind. The flavours are clean, precise and modern; his dishes are continually in progress, reflecting seasonality, inspiration and evolution.

“What excites us most is the concept of curation: the forging of relationships with artisans, growers, foragers and other members of this dynamic countries community. We hope that their stories can meld with ours; that we can be caretakers of this collective vision – sharing it with our guests in a manner at once personal and celebratory”.