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Boulcott Street Bistro

99 Boulcott Street
+64 4 499 4199
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Boulcott Street Bistro is a Wellington restaurant set in Plimmer House, a Victorian cottage named after John Plimmer, the notable Wellingtonian who was officially bestowed the title ‘Father of Wellington’.

The charming inner-city Gothic cottage was originally built as a wedding gift by a local groom for his bride to be in the late 1870s and came into the possession of the Plimmer family in 1911.

And for the past 23 years has been the home of BSB where the delightful Wellington landmark continues its benevolent tradition of fine food and warm hospitality.


The Bistro

In 1991, a new restaurant appeared on Wellington’s dining scene and since then BSB has been proudly serving its loyal customers a combination of innovative, modern fare and classic bistro dishes, great wines and warm hospitality earning the reputation as a Wellington favourite.