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High demand for AngusPure Source and Trace

Over the past few months we have seen huge demand for our AngusPure Source and Trace tags. The tags, which guarantee traceability throughout the supply chain, have been heavily promoted at the two year old Angus bull sales by AngusPure National Territory Manager Kim Lowe.

"The demand we've seen for the tags is testament to our quality programme. Consumers want to know where their beef comes from and we can guarantee that with full traceability. The farmers are getting on board with us as they can see the value in future proofing their herds. These tags add value to progeny right along the supply chain, and make heifers and steers eligible for the AngusPure Special Reserve programme, which offers higher premiums," says Kim.

We have a number of registered studs that have partners with AngusPure this year and it's great to see them backing our initiatives. The APS&T programme is really taking off and Angus breeders can see the future benefits. Commercial farmers are buying into the programme as the value increase of their tagged progeny is clear.

We believe in the integrity of the Angus breed and know that there is great value to be gained by ensuring all eligible calves born are tagged with AngusPure Source and Trace tags.


To register your interest in AngusPure Source & Trace tags, contact Kim directly.

KIM LOWE  -  M. +64 27 5504018  -  P. +64 6 835 8221  -  E.


Do your progeny qualify for the AngusPure premiums?

Your progeny must be sired by a registered or PRAC recorded Angus bull and be genetically at least 75% Angus to use AngusPure Source & Trace tags and qualify for AngusPure carcass premiums.

AngusPure Source & Trace tagged cattle receive premiums at approved processors only.

In order to qualify for the AngusPure Special Reserve premiums your cattle must be AngusPure Source & Trace tagged and meet the minimum marble score of 1.  A higher premium will be paid to carcasses that meet a minimum marble score of 2.

No hormones or growth promotants can be used at any stage throughout lifetime of animal.

Only steers or heifers are eligible.