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The cream of the Angus bull crop

The Angus cattle breeders of New Zealand have showcased some of the best they have to offer, as their bulls were judged side by side during Beef Expo 2017.

For those that don't know, all AngusPure beef is sired (fathered) by a registered Angus or Performance Recorded Angus Cattle (PRAC) bull. This quality assurance is part of our AngusPure brand integrity and protects the consumer by guaranteeing the traceability of the beef, right back to the origin of the cattle.

A selection of the top bulls from around New Zealand are judged and sold at Beef Expo in May every year, providing a platform for them to be benchmarked against one another and enabling the stud breeders to compare notes on the genetics and phenotype (looks) of their cattle.


Supreme Champion Angus

This year, Supreme Champion Angus was awarded to Te Mania Litigation 15389 (pictured below), a rising 2-year-old bull bred by Te Mania Angus Stud in North Canterbury.


Te Mania Litigation 15389 was sold in the auction ring for $24,000 at 3pm on Tuesday 16th May.



Reserve Champion Angus

Reserve Champion Angus was awarded to Waitangi L204, who was bred by Waitangi Angus in Northland.


Performance Award Winner

The Performance Award is presented to the bull who performs the best on paper (genetically). This year, the standout winner was Whangara 15385, a bull that was bred by Whangara Angus in Gisborne.



These great sires will be producing premium quality AngusPure beef in the future and it's very encouraging to see the genetic carcass quality attributes improving every year. AngusPure beef is getting better and better!