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AngusPure NZ joins bidr® Auction site

About the Partnership

Farmers buying and selling Angus cattle in New Zealand have a new trading option as AngusPure NZ has signed on for dedicated monthly sales with the online trading platform that is New Zealand’s virtual saleyard, bidr®.

bidr® will host and co-ordinate sales of AngusPure qualifying cattle at 7:30pm on the first Tuesday of every month, starting on 7 April 2020. These sales will be exclusively for Angus cattle tagged with an AngusPure Source & Trace tag, and for clients of the AngusPure Partner studs.

AngusPure NZ Partner and Director Guy Sargent says the association with bidr will substantially benefit AngusPure beef suppliers, and their cattle stock.

“We are excited to be involved with bidr as we know that the online ‘farm to farm’ sale platform reduces the environmental footprint of AngusPure beef through decreased trucking. Spending less time on trucks also creates a more stress-free environment for cattle, which lowers the PH in beef and flows on to a better eating experience for the end consumer,” he says.

Tania Smith, bidr® General Manager says the new relationship between the two companies makes sense for both.

“We each have a strong point of difference and are driven by our commitment to making positive change for farmers. Online trading will be effective for farmer suppliers within AngusPure, giving them a dedicated, efficient focal point for stock transactions. A monthly bidr® AngusPure sale is a ‘one stop shop’ for farmers seeking to trade, while for other AngusPure farmers, it will provide an immediate, simple gauge of the market,” she says.

To qualify for an AngusPure bidr® auction, cattle must either be tagged with an AngusPure Source & Trace tag, or be offered by the client of an AngusPure Partner stud. AngusPure is dedicated to producing the finest grass-fed eating experience, sourcing from farmers who strictly adhere to key farming practices, including using registered of PRAC recorded Angus sires and not using any hormones or growth promotants. AngusPure has full traceability throughout the supply chain and do their best to ensure producers are maintaining a sustainable, environmentally friendly farming system from farm gate to slaughter.  AngusPure cattle are highly sought after, attracting premiums throughout the supply chain.


Eligibility requirements

The AngusPure sales will be open to agents from all accredited agencies, for listing AngusPure cattle of any age and purpose, providing they meet at least one of the following eligibility requirements:

• Cattle are tagged with AngusPure Source & Trace tags, or;

• Seller has purchased a bull from one of the 89 named AngusPure Partner studs in the last 3 years, or;

• Seller is an AngusPure Partner stud.

AngusPure Source & Trace

Using registered or PRAC recorded Angus bulls allows farmers to tag their progeny with AngusPure Source & Trace tags. These black ‘A’ tags ensure a full line of traceability and are a recognised endorsement of quality beef, as the tag guarantees access to the higher premiums at approved processors. Cattle with AngusPure Source & Trace tags are becoming highly sought after throughout the supply chain.

Click HERE for further information on AngusPure Source & Trace

Do your progeny qualify for the AngusPure beef premiums?

Your progeny must be sired by a registered or PRAC recorded Angus bull and be genetically at least 75% Angus to use AngusPure Source & Trace tags and qualify for AngusPure carcass premiums.

AngusPure Source & Trace tagged cattle receive premiums at approved processors only.

In order to qualify for the AngusPure Special Reserve premiums your cattle must be AngusPure Source & Trace tagged and meet the minimum marble score of 2. No hormone growth promotants or antibiotics can be used at any stage throughout lifetime of animal.

Only steers or heifers are eligible.